Office & Outside Catering Menu

Hot Breakfast £3.50 p/p

Selection of hot filled rolls & croissants
(bacon, egg, sausage, lorne, black pudding)
Choose from locally sourced combi corn & morning rolls or croissants

Working Breakfast £6.00 p/p

Fresh Croissants with butter & jam
Mixed Selection of Danish pastries
Assorted yoghurts
Blueberry and Chocolate Muffins
Fresh fruit platter

Executive Breakfast £8.50 p/p

Hot Filled Rolls or Croissants
Mixed selection of Danish Pastries
Assortment of yoghurts
Blueberry and/or chocolate muffins
Fresh Fruit Platter

Working Lunch £7.00 p/p

Assortment of fresh filled sandwiches
Mini sausage rolls
Fruit platter

Executive Lunch £9.00 p/p

Assortment of fresh filled sandwiches/mini rolls
Savoury selection
Chicken & Red Pepper skewers
Fresh leaf salad bowl

Soup & Sandwich Lunch £6.00 p/p

Homemade Soup
Assortment of fresh filled sandwiches


Assorted sandwich platter – £3.25 p/p (min 4)
Assorted gourmet sandwich platter – £4.00 p/p (min 4)
Savoury side (e.g sausage roll, quiche) – £1.50 p/p
Potato salad, coleslaw, couscous – £1.50 p/p
Chocolate & cereal bar, crisps – £0.80 p/p
Fruit Platter – £1.00 p/p (min 4)
Danish Pastries, Muffins, croissants – £1.50 each
Scone with butter & jam- £1.25 each


Tea – £1.00
Coffee – £1.50
Still or sparkling water £2.00 p/litre
Apple or orange juice – £2.00 p/litre

With our many years of experience here at Red Pepper we believe we know what you like and we take pride in providing just what you want. We cater for any dietary requirements e.g. gluten free, dairy free.